Phibrows Online Microblading Course


Craft Master is application for e-learning process. It is unique new concept of teaching for different online courses in Microblading, permanent make up and beauty industry. ITS powerful learning platform in the industry that improves the skills and competitiveness. It helps to accelerate students learning & development, deliver different levels of certification. The app provides specific experience and practically knowledge in different field in the beauty industry.

Craft Master is a brand new concept of teaching the different techniques using classroom system in a specially designed learning process. This Application  consists of many hours of video instruction, pictures and theory with step by step guidance.

In order To become Graduated Phibrows Technician and get Certification Student have to achieve 12 modules. each Task Module needs to be passed (approved by supervised Phibrows master) in order to unlock next Module. Support & reviews from master is Given on Daily basis.

Craft Master’s Phibrows Microblading tasks:

Eyebrows Shaping on paper by special Phi brows rules sets

Drawing Eyebrows Beginning , strokes transition, upper line strokes, lower line strokes, connection strokes, tail by Phibrows rules sets.

Shaping on Live model, (module 9)

Microblading of Few hair strokes on live model( module 10)

Full Microblading Treatment (module 11)

Theory questions on live session (module 12)

Communication with your PhiBrows Master does not stop after you receive your certificate. There will be an abundance of questions that you will want to ask and to which you will need answers. That’s why you a free to contact master even after Graduation!


Product Consists :

  1. Access To Craftmaster Application With all Study Material , Which includes all Video Lectures And Each Task Pictures with Brief explanation's how to Achieve each module
  2. Phibrows Professional Microblading Starter Kit
  3. Six months Daily Feedback ,reviews & Guidance from Phibrows Master Vilma Karaliute on Craft master app

It works like this:

  1. After Purchasing Course, you need to download the Craftmaster Application on Any of your Devices ( Phone/ ipad ) Singe up/Vilma validate your account/sing in
  2. Starter Kit will be sent By Post( DHL, Or Royal Mail ) with Tracking number Provided
  3. Start exploring all lectures and Achieving Modules 1-12. (each module have description and Pictures how it should be done / 12 Modules in Total)
  4. Each Module task Will be supervised By Phi Master Vilma on daily basis Through app . When student Achieve 1 module without mistakes then he will be passed to next level
  5. Students Graduation time may VARIOUS , depend on time spent on practise  ( 5 weeks - 3 Month) In package Included 6 MONTH supervision.

You receive Official Phibrows Certification by completing all 12 level Modules from the Craftmaster application.

Key Benefits :

  • Deep Knowledge in Microblading Education
  • Study From Any Country
  • Affordable Price
  • Master's Vilma Personal Tips While learning
  • Become Visible on Phibrows World Map after graduation

Laura Bridge

1 review
a week ago-
Positive: Professionalism
I attended the Phibrows Microblading training in Manchester back in March 2020. Throughout my training Vilma has
been extremely supportive, helping me achieve my artist title. I would definitely recommend training with Vilma, she is
professional and the training is very informative. Vilma is an inspiration to all her students.

Nicola Parro

1 review
7 months ago-
I have just finished my 2 day microblading training with Vilma. She is honestly such a lovely person and fantastic
trainer. I had thought about training in microblading for a long time but was too scared. I am so glad I pushed myself
to do the training and chose Vilma, I have left feeling confident and really excited about microblading. Thank you so
much and also thanks to Val for the great marketing advice.

Christie Meredith

1 review · 1 photo
2 years ago-
Attended this course after previously being trained by someone else for microblading as I didn’t feel my training was
thorough enough and didn’t feel confident. This training is so in depth and covers so much more than I learnt before.
Vilma is amazing at what she does, I can’t wait to keep working and practising and hopefully be at her level one day,
thank you.

Yvonne Barrie

1 review
a year ago-
I Just finished a two day microblading training with Vilmas the training itself was fantastic very honest and informative
.. I have loads more to learn but feel the foundations have been firmly set 🤓I love the idea of a further 6 months help
with the app to perfect the training .. I would Highly recommend if you are looking for a master to train with.
Thank you Vilma!

Ruby Scott

1 review
a week ago-
Positive: Professionalism
I am absolutely thrilled by my experience with Vilma, I trained with her and could not recommend her services highly
enough. I flew from Northern Ireland because I wanted Vilma to be my teacher and I knew she was one of the best in
the business and I wasn’t wrong. Every detail was covered and she nurtures your skill. Anyone thinking about training
here – do it! Thank you again Vilma for everything, until we meet again!