Phibrows Group Course For Advanced


The PhiBrows Microblading Technique, Pattern & Teaching method is very unique compared to other Microblading technologies and academies. That’s why this course is suitable for aspiring beginners and advanced practitioners, or anyone who would like to learn this technique.

PhiBrows Microblading Technique is highly recognized within the industry of semi-permanent makeup under The PhiAcademy.

Master Vilma has been representing the PhiAcademy in U.K. since 2015. She is an Educator and Assessor for VTCT NVQ Levels 2 and 3, Microblading 4 & Micropigmentation Level 4. And she is fully-accredited by ABT Insurance.


• Provides SMALL GROUP, ONLINE and ONE-2-ONE trainings.

• Get invaluable advices about techniques, good photo presentation of your future works, and the how’s of dealing with clients from Master Vilma’s personal experience.

• Receive business strategy and marketing guide that will help you start your career in the beauty industry, exclusive to Master Vilma’s students.

FREE Unlimited Access to the Skin Expert Course, Hygiene, First Class Service, How to Get more Clients and Bonus Lecture about Machine Shading.

FREE demonstration of the PhiBrows Shading Treatment on a live model during the 2-day of live training.

• 2nd day – work on live model plus elaborate details on How to Prepare Working Area, Shaping and Treatment.

Our unique education is divided into two parts:


– Presentation.
– Rules and guidelines how to start the business.
– How to do consultation.
– How to set up prices.
– Skin anatomy. Correct Technique how to work on the skin (pressure, depth, different skin
types, pain, pigmentology).

– Healing process and how long results last.
– Working on latex.
– How to use Microblading Tool.
– Step-by-Step PhiBrows stroke pattern.
– How to combine your strokes with the client’s natural hair growth direction to achieve the most natural looking results.
– Homework


– Checking Homework
– Preparation of the working space
– How to do correct pictures for advertising.
– Shaping (Vilma Karaliute demonstration on live model.)
– Learning to use the PhiBrows mobile application for symmetry of the brows
– Microblading treatment (Vilma Karaliute demonstration on live model.)
– Master Vilma’s observation and advice for students while working on live models (we strongly advise you to bring your own model as it will be beneficial for your further practice)
– Attendance Certificate issued.

Our education is rigorous; it is not yet finished after two days. It is an introduction to a 6-month/4-month skills development studies platform, which is known as the – CraftMaster. Students who complete the two-day workshop will be granted access to the CraftMaster App where they can access all Microblading video lectures, pictures, and theories from PhiBrows Masters around the world (12 modules in total).

To become a Certified PhiBrows Artist, all modules have to be completed. Students need to finish one module at a time to unlock the next module until all modules are accomplished and approved by Master Vilma.

In the Craft Master Application, course lectures cover the following: eyebrows shaping on paper, making strokes on latex with the tools and pigment: beginning, transition, upper and lower line strokes, connection strokes, and tail.

Each module will help you hone your Microblading skills. You will practice shaping on live model in Module 9, Microblading of few hair strokes on live model in Module 10, Full Microblading Treatment in Module 11 and answer theoretical questions in Module 12.

PhiBrows is the only academy that provides the longest time in supporting, guiding and developing students – Six Months for beginners or Four Months for advanced practitioners. During this time, Master Vilma gives reviews, correct mistakes and provides advice to help hone the skills of the students that’s why our graduate students are equipped and confident in serving their clients! Graduation time may vary for each student; depending on how much time the student is able to practice on a daily basis (average time is from 5 weeks to 3 months).

After passing all 12 Levels on CraftMaster application, PhiBrows Microblading Certificate and Personal PhiBrows Artist logo are issued.

When you attend one of our courses, you will receive a PhiBrows Premium Microblading Starter Kit (without experience) or the PhiBrows Standard Kit (with experience).

The new starter kit you will receive has all the materials necessary for practice and work during and after the training course. Your new PhiBrows Professional Starter Kit contains the following:

30 pcs. – Blade and Shade Disposable Tool
1 pc. – Microblading Advanced Latex Training Kit
50 pcs. – PhiBlade U 304
5 pcs. – PhiWipes Asept
5 pcs. – PhiWipes MakeUp Remover
1 pc. – Skin Candy After Care Balm (10ml)
1 pc. – Skin Candy Anti Shock 1 (10ml)
1 pc. – Skin Candy Anti Shock 2 (10ml)
1 pc. – Skin Candy Sun Sweat Protection After Care Cream (10ml)
1 pc. – Skin Candy Scar Coverage Gel (10ml)
50 pcs. – Skin Candy Monodose Balm
2 pcs. – PhiBrows Brown 1 SUPE Pigment (5ml) ( for around 25 clients)
2 pcs. – PhiBrows Brown 2 SUPE Pigment (5ml)
2 pcs. – PhiBrows Brown 3 SUPE Pigment (5ml)
2 pcs. – PhiBrows Golden Brown SUPE Pigment (5ml)
2 pcs. – PhiBrows Fox SUPE Pigment (5ml)
1 pc. – PhiBrows Black SUPE Pigment (5ml)
1 pc. – PhiBrows Red SUPE Pigment (5ml)
1 pc. – Stroke Marker (10ml)
1 pc. – PhiGlow Holder
1 pc. – BB Compass
1 pc. – Scissors and Tweezers1 pc. – Mirror
1 pc. – Sunglasses
2 pcs. – PhiBrows Drawing Pencil Set

The costs of training for different options with a PhiBrows Master are as follows:

PhiBrows 2-Day Training in a Group with Premium Starter Kit – £2580 : (Taxes included, Premium Starter Kit and Craft Master Application with 6 Months Support included; Suitable for Beginners or Without Microblading Experience)

PhiBrows 2-Day Training in Group with Standard Kit – £1930 : (Taxes included, Standard Kit and Craft Master Application with 4 Month Support included; Suitable for Advanced Technicians/Has Microblading Experience)

One-2-One PhiBrows 2-Day Training – £3500 : (Taxes included, Premium Starter Kit and Craft Master Application with 6 Month Support included)

Online PhiBrows Course – £1750 : (Taxes included, Premium Starter Kit and Craft Master Application with 6 Months Support included)

A deposit of £500 will be required to secure your place on a PhiBrows course. This should be paid upon confirmation of your enrolment; the remaining balance should be paid on the first day of training. If you have decided to study with PhiBrows Master, Vilma Karaliute, please send us the following information via email:

– Payment Deposit Details
– Student’s Full Name

Please note that the deposit becomes non-refundable after it has been used towards the venue organization and starter/standard kit preparation, the next available course will be offered if you cannot attend your booked dates.


Laura Bridge

1 review
a week ago-
Positive: Professionalism
I attended the Phibrows Microblading training in Manchester back in March 2020. Throughout my training Vilma has
been extremely supportive, helping me achieve my artist title. I would definitely recommend training with Vilma, she is
professional and the training is very informative. Vilma is an inspiration to all her students.

Nicola Parro

1 review
7 months ago-
I have just finished my 2 day microblading training with Vilma. She is honestly such a lovely person and fantastic
trainer. I had thought about training in microblading for a long time but was too scared. I am so glad I pushed myself
to do the training and chose Vilma, I have left feeling confident and really excited about microblading. Thank you so
much and also thanks to Val for the great marketing advice.

Christie Meredith

1 review · 1 photo
2 years ago-
Attended this course after previously being trained by someone else for microblading as I didn’t feel my training was
thorough enough and didn’t feel confident. This training is so in depth and covers so much more than I learnt before.
Vilma is amazing at what she does, I can’t wait to keep working and practising and hopefully be at her level one day,
thank you.

Yvonne Barrie

1 review
a year ago-
I Just finished a two day microblading training with Vilmas the training itself was fantastic very honest and informative
.. I have loads more to learn but feel the foundations have been firmly set 🤓I love the idea of a further 6 months help
with the app to perfect the training .. I would Highly recommend if you are looking for a master to train with.
Thank you Vilma!

Ruby Scott

1 review
a week ago-
Positive: Professionalism
I am absolutely thrilled by my experience with Vilma, I trained with her and could not recommend her services highly
enough. I flew from Northern Ireland because I wanted Vilma to be my teacher and I knew she was one of the best in
the business and I wasn’t wrong. Every detail was covered and she nurtures your skill. Anyone thinking about training
here – do it! Thank you again Vilma for everything, until we meet again!